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Beautiful Nightmare
Next up is Beautiful Nightmare. Will be really interesting to re-record this one. We haven't performed this song in a long time, but it's really fun to play with lots of of dynamic parts. And even a guitar solo!
March 2019
New Music App
To meet your requests on the music app, we've now started implementing these. Here's a first look on what we have. Will be much easier now to browse albums, new releases, lyrics and so on. There's even a video feature that plays the corresponding music video when you play a song
Available now
As A Butterfly
Login to enjoy our new version of As A Butterfly. Completely re-recorded with Pontus Hjelm and Jimmie Strimell. Additionally, a brand new mix/master has also been applied. At April Army, all music is streamed in hi-res. Find it in our music app at the bottom of the playlist.
Available now
Hold On
This is a song we absolutely love to play live. In our opinion it has that perfect ratio between heavy riffing, rhythmic drums, and a big uplifting chorus. We had a lot of fun re-recording it, and now it is available to all April Army ranks.